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Job PositionsThe following page lists open positions in the Presbyterian Church (USA) that are welcoming to LGBTQ people. The listings include positions suitable for both ordained and non-ordained candidates. We hope this page will encourage churches and organizations in the PCUSA to specifically recruit LGBTQ candidates and will also serve as a resource for people seeking welcoming places to work. If you would like to submit a position to MLP for consideration, please send it to Church Leadership Connection, the call system for the Presbyterian Church (USA), is available at Click “Opportunity Search” at the left to search without creating a profile.

MLP Job Listings

 Presbyterian—New England Congregational Church, Saratoga Springs, NY

Activist church in college/tourist town seeks senior pastor to grow with us in spirit as well as service. PCUSA/UCC federation.   Church declarations include: More Light; Open and Affirming; Peace and Justice; Global Mission. Presbyterian—New England Congregational Church, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Search Committee Chair: Susan O’Donnell Position posted on PCUSA Church Leadership Connection and UCC Ministry Opportunities.

Westminster Presbyterian Church, West Chester, PA is seeking a Director of Youth Ministry

who will lead a comprehensive spiritual growth, fellowship, and service program for middle and high school students.  Primary responsibilities will include planning, organizing and leading weekly youth group gatherings, Sunday School classes (middle & high school only), confirmation ministry, retreats, mission trips and other spiritual and social events.  Partnering with parents, leaders of other youth-oriented church programs (youth choir, K-5th grade Sunday School, etc.) and other volunteers will be paramount.

The successful candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree and 2+ years experience in leading a coordinated youth program.  This candidate will love Jesus and youth; be able to connect spiritually and socially with youth and parents; demonstrate solid leadership, communication and organizational skills;  and be an energetic, enthusiastic, faithful and self-motivated team player.

For more information and to apply visit our website.

Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church seeks an Interim Pastor (Teaching Elder), Cincinnati, Ohio

The Interim Pastor (Teaching Elder) of Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church shall in all things be committed to teaching the faith and equipping the saints for the work of ministry…The Interim Pastor shall preach and teach the faith of the church, so that the people are shaped by the pattern of the gospel and strengthened for witness and service. While serving the font and table (sacraments), the Interim Pastor shall interpret the mysteries of grace and lift the people’s vision toward the hope of God’s new creation. (Book of Order: G-2.0501) The Interim Pastor shall:

  • demonstrate conformity with the mission of God’s people in the world as set forth in the Holy Scripture, The Book of Confessions, and the Book of Order,
  • serve and aid others and enable the ministry of others,
  • give evidence of theologically-informed fidelity to God’s Word,
  • be carried on in accountability for its character and conduct to the Presbytery and in the life of the congregation (G-2.0503a).

The Interim Minister should be:

  • empathetic
  • pastoral
  • spiritually nurturing
  • authentic and approachable
  • open-minded
  • theologically progressive
  • creative

The Interim Minister should have:

  • strong administrative skills
  • strong verbal and written communication skills
  • excellent ability to observe and listen
  • nurturing skills in fostering the inclusion/participation of families and youth in the church
  • skills in problem solving
  • sense of humor and fun
  • bridge-building skills

Development Tasks for the Interim Pastor

Five developmental tasks guide the leadership of the interim ministry with specific emphasis for Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church on…

Understanding our Heritage by:

  • appreciating our legacy of social justice while guiding our church in our justice seeking vision for the future, and
  • continuing to lead and facilitate the spiritual growth of the Mt. Auburn congregation.

Discovering our New Identity by:

  • understanding the seismic shift in American culture, the context and community changes in the Cincinnati community, and their impact on the mission and services to the community by Mt. Auburn, and
  • understanding the outcomes of our three-year Pathways to Purpose journey, assisting in the next phase of the transformation, and supporting Mt. Auburn’s emerging mission and outreach to the greater community (within the Greater Cincinnati community, the Presbytery of Cincinnati, and state/nation/global missions as appropriate and feasible).

Shifts of Power and Leadership Changes

  • As an outcome of our three-year Pathways to Purpose journey, a collaborative, shared leadership model is being implemented. Continue to guide this process by:
    • empowering leaders into action,
    • encouraging members to fully participate in the life of the congregation (i.e. communities, committees, mission groups, elected boards and the many events and activities of the church),
    • leading the staff members through regular meetings, providing focus and guidance in their work and job responsibilities, and
    • being present in the church office and regularly available to congregation members, friends, and leaders.

Strengthening and Enhancing our Connections by:

  • representing Mt. Auburn in the Urban Pastors group, Presbytery of Cincinnati events, committees, and initiatives (as appropriate), and
  • supporting Mt. Auburn mission and service initiatives with community partners (e.g. IHN, PADD, AMOS, St. Georges Food Pantry).

Commitment to our New Leadership Model and Mt. Auburn’s Goals for the Future by:

  • supporting the established goals of the Session, Board of Deacons, Coordinating Council, committees, and mission communities,
  • assisting in the membership growth plan of action,
  • assisting with stabilizing future revenue, balanced with the annual operating budget and endowment fund, and
  • supporting the leadership development program coordinated through the Nominating Committee.

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Plan worship and preaching; perform sacraments, facilitating spiritual retreats, spiritual and leadership training; inform and support Liturgical Arts initiatives and plans.
  • Provide pastoral care to Mt. Auburn members, families, and friends of the congregation
  • Moderate all Session and congregation meetings; serve in ex officio capacity on all standing committees, Coordinating Council, and ad hoc work groups/study groups/committees
  • Serve as head of staff, conducting weekly staff meetings (as feasible), working closely with the Administration Committee (and Personnel Subcommittee)
  • Guide the leadership of Mt. Auburn as detailed in the “Five Developmental Tasks of Interim Ministry”
  • Commit to our new leadership model and Mt. Auburn’s goals for the future by:
    • supporting the established goals of the Session, Board of Deacons, Coordinating Council, committees, and mission communities,
    • assisting in the membership growth plan of action,
    • assisting with stabilizing future revenue, balanced with the annual operating budget and endowment fund, and
    • supporting the leadership development program coordinated through the Nominating Committee.

Faith Presbyterian Austin seeks a full-time Solo Pastor, Austin, TX

Can YOU Walk on Water?

(Just sometimes not all the time.)

If you are a strong leader with progressive values who embodies compassion, diversity, equality and social justice for all then look no further.  Faith Presbyterian Church, an inclusive, inquiring and imperfect congregation seeks a full-time, solo Pastor, one that embraces all walks of life in the spirit of unity and service.  Leadership competencies we are seeking include compassion, preaching and worship experience, spiritual maturity, decision-making, strategic visionary, collaborator, interpersonal engagement, initiative and flexibility.  Our community reflects the notion that human beings are authentic vessels of God’s spirit; we are a congregation that is ready for challenges and willing to move out of our comfort zone as we connect with our de-churched community.  Our new pastor will foster spiritual growth, build consensus, enhance intergenerational relations and propel us to new heights of serving God within our community.  Salary is $50k annually to include a housing allowance.  We have a membership of 150 congregants with an average of 60 on any given Sunday.  A sense of humor is a definite must.  We will also provide you with the world’s best team, a cool city to live in and an eclectic flock.  For the complete application, please visit this link, Or our website:

St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church seeks Solo Pastor, Tucson, AZ

SEEKING SOLO PASTOR: St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church is a welcoming, inclusive congregation of 200 members in Tucson, Arizona. We are called by Jesus Christ to be a joyful faith community that celebrates God’s love, transforms lives and is a force for justice in the world. St. Mark’s has been a More Light church for the past seven years and we are dedicated to the full inclusion of LGBTQA people in the life of the church. Our congregation has a rich history of social justice work; over the years we have been involved with advocacy on the issues of migrant rights, full day kindergarten, poverty, racial equality, and more. We hope our new pastor will guide us as we serve the people around us, build community as a church, and grow into a deeper spiritual life together. Send your inquiries, or your PIF or resume to MIF #00069.AD0

Riviera Presbyterian Church Seeks Solo Pastor, Miami, FL

Riviera Presbyterian Church is a spiritual community engaged in joyful worship, transforming education, and active service reflecting the path of Christ.  All we do flows out of our identity as children of God in Christ. We are drawn together in worship and praise. We interpret the Bible in a relevant, contemporary way remaining progressive in spirit and anchored in Christ’s teachings. We understand that inclusivity and active service to others are appropriate responses to Christ’s teachings. We use our people, building and money wisely to make a significant impact in our community. We enjoy our life together and celebrate with friendship, fun and food. We honor our heritage, applying its lessons creatively in present circumstances as we move toward an open future.

Please see our church website, and our MIF- 20017.ABO

Pastor (Head of Staff) – Western Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC

Western Presbyterian Church is a community of believers and seekers growing together in God’s Spirit. Empowered by our faith in God’s ability to transform lives, we are an active force and passionate voice for a just and compassionate society. We are a More Light Church that seeks to be an inclusive congregation that welcomes all of God’s children. We are committed to being passionate advocates for justice in our city, this nation, and throughout the world. We are looking for a pastor who has a deep and abiding faith in a loving God and who is open to a progressive understanding of Jesus, the Bible, and what God asks us to do as Christians. He or she must be compassionate, genuine, and committed to social justice.  Learn more by visiting our website, and view our Ministry Information Form. Interested applicants may apply by submitting their PIF via the Church Leadership Connection or emailing us at

Part-time Director of Children and Youth, Presbyterian Church of the Apostles, Burnsville, MN

The Presbyterian Church of the Apostles, a progressive congregation in Burnsville, MN, seeks a unique person to develop and lead ministry for children and youth. If you are interested in nurturing children’s faith, have an understanding of youth culture, and have a desire to lead a Christian Education program, we invite you to apply for this part-time position. For more information see our website at under the education tab. Resumes accepted through August 2. View Job Description

Additional Job Listings

Congregations Seeking Pastors, Covenant Network of Presbyterians

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