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Teaching Equality with the Power of Music

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles is on a mission to end bullying and homophobia through music. Every year over 85% of LGBT students in American schools are physically or verbally abused. Through its Alive Music Project, members of the Gay Men’s Chorus travel to schools to teach children about equality and acceptance through the unifying power of music. Read more

Keeping All Youth Safe and Off the Streets

Many homeless LGBT youth were rejected by their families because of religious homophobia, whether or not the families were active churchgoers. LGBT youth are not safe in traditional homeless shelters, and have special social service needs, especially transgender youth. Laura Hughes tells us of the challenges and rewards of ministry with LGBT homeless youth. Trinity Place Shelter, a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church in New York City, is a scrappy 10 bed long term shelter which provides homeless LGBT youth with job training, social services, counseling, and a path to housing independence. They could use your support, both in prayers and donations. What are the ways your congregation could reach out to LGBT homeless youth in your area? Read more

Jane Clementi’s Church Failed Her – Your Story Can Make a Difference

In this heartbreaking article from the New York Times, it’s clear that Jane Clementi’s church failed her and her family when they faced the reality that their sons were gay. Her youngest son, Tyler, felt strongly that she didn’t accept him, largely because of the teachings of her church. The truth is, she was on a journey towards understanding and acceptance in spite of her church’s dangerous theology, but when Tyler ended his life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge, there was no more time for conversation. This is difficult to read, but a sobering reminder for those who work for full affirmation of LGBT people in faith communities. Read more

DOMA Makes People Permanent Outsiders

Even in states with full marriage equality, LGBT people are denied equal justice under the law by the so called “Defense of Marriage Act.” Many in our MLP family have recently been directly impacted by this unjust law. As followers of Christ, who challenged laws that made some people permanent outsiders, let us renew our commitment to the repeal of DOMA. Read more

For All the Children in Minnesota

In November Minnesotans go to the polls to vote on whether to ban same-sex marriage. More Light Presbyterians gives thanks for the large coalition of religious communities organizing against the ban. Catholics for Marriage Equality, a coalition member, just created this video of the church anthem, “For All the Children,” written in 2007 by composer David Lohman. Read more

More Light Update

The headlines don’t always capture “the story” within the story of the 220th General Assembly. MLP had a strong GA Team working in Pittsburgh: a legislative team working on marriage, ordination, and the Confessions; a team offering four major events; a team at the MLP Booth in the Exhibit Hall; a team staffing the hospitality suite throughout the week; and a team working continuously on communications. Read more